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AI Content Idea Generator Template

Submit content ideas and have OpenAI generate additional and related ideas automatically.
AI Content Idea Generator

It can feel like a struggle to come up with content ideas. Instead of looking at a blank page, you can use AI to your advantage. With the AI content idea generator template, you can start with one idea and have the power of artificial intelligence generate additional and related ideas for you.

How this template works

This template gives you a central place to add initial ideas and review AI-generated ideas. Submit an idea in the form built with Zapier Interfaces. The idea will move through a connected Zap which uses ChatGPT to automatically generate more topics. Everything is stored in a Zapier Table and displayed in a Kanban on the Interface page. All of the components can be customized, filtered, and edited.

After you click the "Use template" button, you will be taken to the Interface home screen. Complete the following steps to get thing working:

  • Click the Zap titled "When new idea added in Table, create AI-generated ideas".
  • Click the trigger step and click the "Test trigger" button then "Skip test" button. Test trigger
  • Click on step "2" and click the "Continue" button.
  • Click on step "3" where you'll connect your ChatGPT account. Once connected, click "Continue" and then scroll down to the "Test" section where you'll click "Skip test".ChatGPT skip test
  • Click on step "4" and then click the "Skip test" button. Repeat for step "5" and then click the "Publish" button at the top right.

Once this Zap is published, you'll be able to submit an idea and see all the AI-generated ideas show up in the Kanban view. Simply click the URL in your Interface to submit an idea in the form.

Content Idea Interface URL

Wait a couple of minutes and then you will see your original idea plus additional ideas show up in the Kanban in the "Ideas list" page.

Idea list

Use the power of OpenAI

This template integrates seamlessly with OpenAI. By default, it utilizes the GPT 3.5 model, but if you have access to the OpenAI API, you can choose a different model and adjust the token length and creativity level.

Unlock your ideas' creative potential

Whether you're writing a blog post, creating social media content, or brainstorming for your next marketing campaign, our AI content idea generator will help you overcome creative blocks and unlock endless possibilities.

Benefits of the AI Content Idea Generator

  • Generate fresh and unique content ideas
  • Save time and effort in brainstorming and ideation
  • Discover new angles and perspectives for your content
  • Boost your content creation process and productivity

Customize and extend with additional components and connections

With access to all Interface components, you can add pages, views, and context with a drag-and-drop no-code builder to make this template your own. You can also extend the template by using Zaps to connect to and automate across 5,000+ apps. Do you want to add more ideas from another app? Easily create a Zap to pull from the app and add ideas into the template.

Don't let writer's block hold you back. Get started with the AI content idea generator template and unleash your creativity like never before.

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