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Build your own AI image generator using OpenAI’s DALL-E
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Bring an OpenAI-powered image creator to your team with this template. Effortlessly generate eye-catching AI images for any purpose through a form by connecting your OpenAI account and tailoring the prompts to your needs.

Why you should use the template

This AI generator simplifies the process of creating engaging visuals and is a customizable AI tool that you can share with others. Generate one-of-a-kind images tailored to your requirements, save precious time on manual design tasks, and unlock a world of creative potential.

Zapier Canvas for AI Image Generator Template

How the template works

This template features a user-friendly Interface, a Table to store inputs and images, and a single Zap that connects to OpenAI to automate the creation of the AI generated content. The Interface houses a form that you can customize to receive the data needed for the prompt used in the AI image generator. You can include fields like “Image Style” or “Art Style” if someone wants to indicate that they'd want digital art or a realistic image, for instance. You can customize the fields however you'd like.

Editing fields in the Interface form for prompt

Once the form is filled out, a Zap automatically takes the form submission and connects to your OpenAI account to create the AI generated image. The fields from the form are mapped into the prompt and can be further customized.

OpenAI form field mapping in Zap

Once the generated image is created, a link is stored in a Table that can be viewed on the main Interface page. It also includes the details used in the prompt and an optional link to the image stored in another app of your choice like Google Drive since the OpenAI image expires after a few hours.

Embrace the power of OpenAI

This template integrates with OpenAI which gives access to DALL-E to generate AI images. You can also integrate any of the other AI apps available on Zapier.

Who should use this template

The AI image generator tool is ideal for individuals and businesses seeking to generate images for marketing campaigns, social media posts, presentations, and more. Whether you're a graphic designer, content creator, or marketing expert, this template enables you to produce stunning images in no time and allows you to share the generator with your team.

Key benefits of this template

  • Generate distinctive and engaging visuals with AI-enhanced technology
  • Save valuable time on manual design efforts and concentrate on other crucial tasks
  • Personalize prompts for limitless creative exploration
  • Integrate your OpenAI account seamlessly
  • Accessible to users of all skill levels, with no coding required
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