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Easily approve or reject requests and send automatic messages to the requester.
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Take the hassle out of your approval process with our handy approval request template. Designed to help you manage requests in one centralized table, this template lets you approve or reject requests and automatically send notifications via Slack. Save time and enhance communication with this user-friendly solution.

Why our approval request template is a game-changer

Streamlining your approval process is key for efficient business operations. The approval request template not only simplifies request management but also ensures timely communication with requestors. By using this template, you can boost productivity, minimize miscommunication, and keep track of all your approval requests in one tidy place.

How the template works

Our approval request template uses Zapier Tables to store and manage all your requests. It includes fields for the requestor's name, request details, and their Slack handle. Plus, there are two buttons for approving or rejecting requests. The template uses two Zaps to handle the approval and rejection process. When you click the "Approve" button, it triggers a Zap that sends a direct message to the requestor's Slack handle, letting them know they've got the green light. Similarly, when you click the "Reject" button, another Zap sends a direct message to break the not-so-great news.

Who's it for?

Any organization or team that deals with approval requests can benefit from this template. It's particularly useful for teams managing project approvals, budget approvals, and resource allocation requests. By using the approval request template, teams can ensure a smooth and efficient approval process, improving overall productivity and communication.

Key perks of the approval request template

Adopting the approval request template offers several benefits, like centralized request management, improved communication, and time-saving automation. With all requests stored in one table, you can easily track and manage approvals. The automatic Slack notifications make sure that requestors are promptly informed of the outcome, reducing the chances of miscommunication. And lastly, the template's automation features save you precious time and effort, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

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