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Streamline your PR with five custom AI chatbots powered by OpenAI
Communication Pros AI Chatbot

Boost your public relations game with the Communication pros AI Chatbots template. Developed by Carly Moulton, Head of Community Marketing at Zapier for ZapConnect 2023, this comprehensive template offers five chatbots powered by OpenAI that she developed for her team. The chatbots included in this template are designed to help communication professionals write press releases, create press briefing documents, get feedback on pitches, assess brand risks, and check grammar.

Why you should use the Communication pros AI Chatbot template

Communications professionals know that speed is of the essence. Whether you're dealing with a top-tier press opportunity, or trying to navigate a crisis, these bots can help you make decisions faster. The template offers tools to add speed to your workflow, create a first draft faster, improve your writing quality, and help you make informed decisions about your brand's reputation.

How the template works

The template features five Zapier AI chatbots using OpenAI to help you manage a variety of PR tasks effectively and efficiently. Simply edit the links for the link cards to point to each chatbot and you're good to go. Zapier's free chatbots allow users to build their own custom conversational chatbots all without coding. You can also expand these communications templates by adding supplemental knowledge about your project or business, and the robustness of OpenAI models will craft on-brand responses from the chatbot.

Use the power of OpenAI

This template integrates seamlessly with OpenAI. By default, it utilizes the GPT 3.5 model, but if you have access to the OpenAI API, you can choose a different model and adjust the token length and creativity level.

Who should use this template

Communication professionals, PR agencies, founders with no PR team, and marketing teams can benefit from the Communication pros AI Chatbot template. This template helps users save time, improve their writing quality, and assess situations that need their attention.

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