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Create an async daily standup, collect responses, and keep your team connected in Slack
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Kick off your mornings with momentum using this template—a tool designed to sharpen the focus and effectiveness of your team huddles all in Slack.

Why you should use this template

Imagine stand-ups that actually pep you up for the day—no more meandering meetings or unclear action items. Our standup template is the secret sauce for any team that wants to forgo the daily meeting and simply get your remote team to communicate in Slack. Your entire team can weigh in quickly with automatic prompts for an update that replaces a meeting.

How the template works

Every morning, an automatic workflow sends a Slack message to your team with a link to a form each team member fills out. Team members fill out their name, what they did yesterday, what they will do today, and any blockers, risks, or needs. Each field or standup question is customizable to fit your own daily standup template.

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When team members submit the form, an automated workflow kicks off to send their update to the team in Slack serving as an async daily standup meeting. The submissions are also added to a table in Zapier so that a team leader can review all responses in one place if they'd like.

How to configure the template

There are two necessary steps required to get this working. On the homepage, you'll see two Zaps that you'll need to configure.

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For the "Daily Stand Up - Individual Response Post to Slack" worklfow, you'll need to connect your Slack account or any other chat app account. Then, choose the appropriate channel to post responses to.

Similarly, for the "Daily Stand Up Reminder and Form Link" workflow, connect your Slack account and choose the channel to post in. You can also adjust the day and time the reminder will post.

Who should use this template

Whether you're a nimble startup or a heavyweight enterprise, if agility is your mantra, this template is your new best friend. Project managers, agile coaches, and anyone herding the cats of a daily stand-up will wonder how they ever managed without it. This template is great for a development team or any group that has remote team members who use an app like Slack everyday for collaboration.

Key benefits of the template

Instead of a 15 minute meeting in real life, use automation to make an effective daily standup meeting totally async. Here are some other benefits:

  • Connect with 6,000+ apps to automate more of the workflow
  • Fully customize the template
  • Store in a centralized place to track progress

Your team communication just got an upgrade. Bring your stand up meeting into Slack and get started today.

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