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Collect and email your Facebook leads from one Table.
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Take control of your leads from your Facebook Lead Ads with the Facebook Lead Tracker Template. This no-code solution enables you to store and email leads from Facebook Lead Ads in one organized location, freeing up time to focus on closing deals and expanding your business.

Why you should use this template

The Facebook Lead Tracker Template is designed to make your lead management process a breeze. By storing all your leads from each form in a single Table and enabling direct email outreach from a button, you can swiftly and efficiently connect with leads like never before. This template is the perfect replacement for a Google Sheet where you have to use some third-party service to send an email.

How the template works

This template utilizes two Zaps to automate your lead tracking and email outreach. The first Zap stores your Facebook Lead Ads' leads in the Table, while the second Zap sends an email to leads when you fill out a subject line and body for the email and click the “send email” button.

In order to configure this template, simply click the “Add new Facebook Leads to Table” Zap from within the Table. Then, add your Facebook Lead Ads account. You can decide to specify a form to track leads or pull the information from all forms associated with your account.

Edit Zap in Facebook Leads Tracker

You’ll run a quick test of the trigger and action and then publish the Zap to turn it on.

You can also configure the second Zap called “Email New Leads from Table button” if you’d like to your own email provider like Gmail or something similar. By default, the Email by Zapier app is used which will work out-of-the-box and will send from a generic email address. You’ll still be able to adjust the From Name, Subject, Body, and Reply-to fields if you’d like.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the Zaps:

Add new Facebook Leads to Table

  • Trigger: New lead from Facebook Lead Ads.
  • Action: Create a new row in a Zapier Table

Email New Leads from Table button

  • Trigger: button clicked in Zapier Table
  • Action: Send an email using Email by Zapier
  • Action: update record with sent date in Zapier Table

These Zaps work together to ensure your leads are stored neatly and that you can effortlessly reach out to them via email.

Who should use this template

This template is ideal for businesses and marketers who rely on Facebook Lead Ads to generate leads and want a seamless way to manage and communicate with those leads from one place. Whether you're a small business owner, a marketing agency, or a freelancer, this template can help you save time and enhance your lead management process.

Key benefits of the Facebook Lead Tracker Template

  • Streamlined lead management: Keep all your Facebook leads in one table for easy tracking and management.
  • Time-saving email outreach: Email leads directly from the Table, ensuring a prompt connection with potential customers.
  • No-code required: The template is simple to set up and use, with no coding knowledge necessary.
  • Scalable and adaptable: Customize the template to accommodate your needs.
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