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Manage a full inventory list and reorder items from a button within one table
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Simplify your online inventory management with this inventory tracking system built on Zapier. Effortlessly track products, quantities and cost per item, plus send reorder requests by email with just one click.

Why you should create a digital inventory tracking tool on Zapier

By monitoring product quantities and reorder levels, and automating reorder requests through email, you'll save time and guarantee you never run out of what you need. This simple inventory tracking system is more than just a spreadsheet—it has automation built in, like a “Send request” button that you can use to automatically send emails when stock levels get low.

Because it's built on Zapier, you can connect your inventory tracking system to any of the thousands of apps Zapier integrates with, transforming this simple system into a full inventory management platform that can serve as the central home for your data.

How the inventory tracking system works

The inventory template uses Zapier Tables and Zaps. The template features an inventory table with all the details you need to manage inventory.

Send request button to reorder items in Zapier Table

There are two connected Zaps which automate some of the process. When inventory gets low for a product, you can click the Send Reorder Request button to trigger the Zap. That button click will send an email to an email address you designate including information from the table, like the inventory cost and quantity needed.

The second Zap updates the reorder quantity and last reorder date fields when the Send Reorder Request button is clicked, automatically logging the reorder request.

Inventory template with automated Zaps

When using the template to set up your system, enter your product data into the inventory table. Once it's set up, when a product's quantity reaches the reorder level, check the Need More? box. When you're ready to reorder, simply click the included button.

You can adjust the Zap to send the email to an address other than your own. Choose a single email address or add an additional fields in the table called “Email to” to specify different email addresses for reordering different products. Learn more abouthow to configure data in Zaps.

Send email Zap editing

Who should use this template to create an inventory system

This template is perfect for small business owners, warehouse managers, and anyone in charge of inventory tracking and management. The Zapier-based inventory system is an excellent solution for those seeking to simplify their inventory management process and ensure they never run out of stock.

Key benefits of the inventory tracking system on Zapier

  • Streamlined inventory management: Keep track of product inventory and quantity, reorder levels, and supplier contact information in one organized location
  • Automated email requests: Effortlessly send reorder requests to suppliers with a single click
  • Enhanced efficiency: Save time and minimize the risk of running out of stock
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