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Track invoice items, send invoices to clients, and get paid on time
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Make invoicing a breeze with this invoice template. Keep track of invoice items through a form and then send invoices to clients when you're ready.

Why you should use this template

Tired of forgetting invoice items or if you're already sent an invoice to a client? This template is here to cut the clutter and automate the invoicing process. This is more than just a form—it's an invoice management system that can capture multiple invoices and automate the process.

How the Invoice Template works

Invoice Form Canvas Process Our template uses Zapier Interfaces to house the invoice form, a Zapier Table to store all the items, and automated workflows to be able to send invoices out and perform invoice calculations.

Customize the simple invoice to include things like invoice number, payment terms, contact information, payment method, and more. You can add as many invoice fields as you'd like. The form builder is easy to use and automatically creates corresponding fields in the invoice Table.

A Zap automatically calculates the invoice total and updates it in the Table. Then, a simple button push sends invoices flying out to clients from another Zap. And the best part? You can link this template with countless Zapier workflows, automating everything from payment reminders to syncing with your favorite accounting apps.

Who should use this template

Zapier's Invoice Template is tailor-made for freelancers, small business owners, and finance teams who need an easy way to manage invoices with a simple invoicing software. It can be customized for any industry.

Key benefits of using this template

  • Time-saving automated invoice tracking
  • Custom invoice options or use standard invoice fields already provided
  • Easy integration with a plethora of apps

Step into the future of invoicing with Zapier's Invoice Template. It's not just about billing—it's about taking back your time and focusing on your passion. Test drive our simple invoice template, keep all your invoices organized, and get paid on time.

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