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Build a two-sided services marketplace with automatic emails to connect parties.
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Are you looking for an efficient way to connect service providers and clients in a simple marketplace? Our Marketplace Template streamlines operations and automates email notifications, making it a breeze to connect both parties in a centralized marketplace website.

How the template works

This service marketplace uses Zapier products, Tables, Interfaces, and Zaps, to create an organized and efficient marketplace with custom functionality. It features a "Services" Table to store all services data from multiple vendors or freelancers. It could also store digital products or any other type of product or service.

When a new service or vendor is created through the form, a Zap ensures the important information is stored in the Table including a unique identifier for the name and price. The Interface has a simple table layout to list the wide range of submitted services.

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A potential client will fill out a form to connect with a vendor by selecting the service from a dropdown. A second Zap automatically sends an email to the potential client BCC'ing the creator, freelancer, or vendor. The provider's email remains hidden unless they reply to the email to connect with the potential client.

Who should use this template

This template is perfect for businesses or individuals looking to create a streamlined marketplace for connecting service providers with clients in a multi vendor marketplace. It's particularly beneficial for industries like home services, professional services, or consulting, where clients need a hassle-free way to reach out to providers.

Key benefits of this Marketplace Template

This Zapier template offers numerous advantages, such as:

  • Automatic email notifications to connect both parties easily.
  • User-friendly experience: the intuitive interface makes it easy for users to input service details and for potential clients to reach out.
  • Easily extend and connect: you can create more Zaps to connect to any one of the 6,000+ integrations that are available in Zapier.
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