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Efficiently gather, manage, and respond to customer feedback.
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Get a handle on your product feedback process with this template. It helps you collect feedback through a user-friendly form, sends email notifications upon submission, and allows you to manage and respond to feedback directly from a Table. Say goodbye to scattered product feedback and hello to improved response times.

Why you should use this template

This template is your key to a more efficient and organized feedback process. Stop using disconnected forms to collect user feedback that you have to manually track. By implementing this template, you can effortlessly collect feedback in one place, improve the customer experience, and respond to their input in a timely fashion.

How the template works

This template leverages Zapier products to create a smooth and efficient feedback collection and management system. It includes one Interface to collect responses in a feedback form, one Table to store the product feedback, and two Zaps to send emails based on the specific customer feedback.

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The Table, called "Product Feedback," has eight columns: email, type of feedback, comments, and uploaded file that is populated directly from the customer. The other fields include: email subject, email body, from name, and a button to send an email to the customer.

Zaps automate the workflow so that all you have to do in order to send a reply to a customer from their response in the customer feedback form is to fill out the subject, body, and from name. Then just click the send email button and an email gets sent.

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The Interface houses the feedback form template named "Feedback Form" that can be customized by adding fields, text, and more to match the product survey you're aiming to create. When a customer submits the product feedback form, it automatically gets added to the Table.

The Zap, titled "Send Email Notification," activates when a new row is added to the "Product Feedback" Table. It sends a customizable email notification to your email address with all the information from the product feedback form.

Who should use this template

This template is ideal for businesses and product teams seeking a feedback collection and management process that can be up and running for customers quickly and in one place. There are many survey templates out there, but this one is unique in that it has automation built-in. Zaps that send emails directly from the template makes it a breeze to use getting you one step closer to what you want: improved customer satisfaction.

Key benefits of the Product Feedback Template

  • Streamline feedback collection with a straightforward feedback form template
  • Get email notifications for each feedback submission
  • Use Zaps to automate even more of the workflow by connecting to any one of the 6,000+ integrated apps
  • Manage and respond to customer feedback directly from a Table
  • Consolidate all feedback workflows in a single place
  • Boost customer satisfaction and improve response times
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