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A Simple CRM, without all the bells and whistles.
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Zapier's Simple CRM Template helps to optimize your sales process with an elegant and personalized CRM tool that fits your business needs. This end-to-end CRM solution includes a form to collect leads, a datasheet to store lead information, and a visual tracker to manage the status of each lead and initiate actions when needed. Whether you’re tracking leads, negotiating deals, or closing sales, our Simple CRM Template streamlines the process. The template consists of two landing pages (via Zapier Interfaces), one datasheet (via Zapier Tables), and one automated workflow (via Zaps).

Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Kick off the sales process with a “Contact Page” which allows you to customize text or add extra fields such as email address, name, company, and status (lead, qualified, negotiated, closed). The page is highly flexible, allowing the addition of various components, including images and videos for guided walkthroughs.

Track in CRM-Style Kanban Views

Once a contact form is submitted, the data is stored in a Zapier Table or datasheet and is then visualized in a Kanban view, which visually presents the status of contacts. In the Kanban view, users can easily drag cards, create new cards, edit cards, and delete cards. You can also specify details to be displayed on the cards.

Increase Speed to Close

When a card is moved from one status to another, it triggers an action, or a Zap. For instance, if a lead moves from negotiating to closed, an email can be sent to the customer with onboarding material. Overall, this enhances the user experience and ensures a timely follow-up, all while saving you time.

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