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Simplify social media management with the Social Media Planner template.
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With Zapier Interfaces' Social Media Planner Template, you can create captivating posts for different social channels, schedule them effortlessly, and track their posting status — all in one centralized tool.

The template consists of one form (via Zapier Interfaces), one datasheet (via Zapier Tables), and two automated workflows (via Zaps).

Create Engaging Posts

The template includes a user-friendly form that helps you create your content. Using the form, you can specify when you want to post, add captions, upload images (optional), and select which social channels you would like to post in.

Manage Your Scheduled Posts

Upon submission, the data from the form is automatically captured in a centralized table. This makes it easy to view all scheduled posts, filter them based on whether they have been posted or not, and keep track of important details, such as dates, captions, and image links.

Automatically Post at Scheduled Times

To ensure a seamless social media posting process, the Social Media Planner Template integrates with Zapier's automation capabilities. A pre-configured Zap is set up to handle scheduling and posting tasks to get your posts out at your desired times.

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