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security automation you can rely on
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Highest security levels for peace of mind

Enterprise-grade security, governance, and monitoring is the backbone of Zapier's sophisticated, no-code platform.

No compromises on your data safety

Alongside our stringent internal security controls, we conduct annual SOC 2 (type II) audits.

Top choice for businesses worldwide

We're the automation platform of choice for 99% of the Forbes Cloud 100 companies and 69% of Fortune 1000 companies.

Industry-standard compliance

Zapier is independently audited every year. Check out our 2022 SOC 3 report and request our SOC 2 report for more info.


Secure and safe data principles

In addition to using 256-bit AES encryption for safe data storage, Zapier also ensures secure network communication with TLS 1.2.

24/7 on-call security teams

Our globally-distributed SRE and Security teams offer 24/7 availability. Plus, our status page provides real-time updates on our systems for all customers to see.

Comprehensive logging

Easily access Zap activity logs via your Zap History. That way, you can troubleshoot issues and verify information with just a few clicks.

Security that scales with your business

Zapier scales with you, providing secure administration, authentication, and permissions infrastructure as you grow.

Company-wide single sign-on (SSO)

Ensure secure access for your team using SAML 2.0 identity and access management (IAM) providers.

Account consolidation

See all existing and new Zapier users on your domain and consolidate them under your Company account.

User provisioning (SCIM)

Easily onboard and offboard team members through your identity and access management provider.

Approve app access for teams

Control which apps your teams can automate with Zapier to protect sensitive company data.

app restrictions

Advanced admin controls and permissions

By creating teams in your account, you can assign the same Zaps and app permissions to a select group of users. For example, you can only give specific teams or individuals access to apps or Zaps with customer information.

admin controls

Custom data retention

Easily customize your data retention and deletion so you can meet your company's business, legal, or regulatory requirements.

data retention

Comprehensive security practices for businesses of all sizes

Product access control

Access to Zapier's customer data is restricted to authorized personnel based on your support requests and troubleshooting needs.

Change management

Every new Zapier feature or bug fix goes through peer review before publishing. We also perform regular static application security and robust unit testing.

Vulnerability management

We continuously scan for vulnerabilities and perform threat modeling exercises. Plus, we undergo a yearly external penetration test by an independent third party.

Cloud security

Zapier is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and leverages AWS's security and compliance controls for physical security and cloud infrastructure.

Security monitoring and logging

Zapier maintains both system and event-based security logs. These logs are centralized in a SIEM and monitored by our Detection and Response Team.

Bug bounty program

Zapier's security bug bounty program acknowledges and rewards the work of independent security researchers who identify and submit vulnerabilities.

Want to learn more?

Explore our security and compliance help documentation or contact Sales and get all your questions answered.

"At Outbrain, data security is a top priority, which means SAML authentication is absolutely essential. And we got it with our Zapier Company account."

Yaniv Nava

Senior Online Acquisition Manager at Outbrain

"With Zapier doing the less creative work for us, we can actually focus on adding value through customer care rather than managing day-to-day operations."

Tim Tieu

GlobalCommunity Marketing Manager at Asana